CTCH 127

My name is Donald Ziegfeld. I love to play my xbox 360 all the time. It is an amazing entertainment and social device. I mostly play shooting games, my favorite game being Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. I am eagerly awaiting Modern Warfare 3 coming out on November 8, 2011 Modern Warfare 3

I also love to play Role Playing Games like Deus Ex and Final Fantasy. I plan to build a gaming computer with my friend Tyler. In all i own 53 Xbox games, 34 Playstation 2 games, 31 Playstation 1 games, and 20 Gamecube games. I think it is safe to say I am a gamer.

But my Xbox is not only for playing games. I also spend alot of time talking to my friends Tyler and Dylan, and my cousin, Colton. I also can watch my netflix or listen to last.fm. Soon, Xbox Live will also get Youtube to watch too. I am literally on my Xbox every single day and I spend most of my time playing games.

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