Hello my name is Don Yates.

A little about me. I am forty-eight years old. I am married to a beautiful lady named Lisa and between the the both of us we have six children from a previous marriage, and now four Scottish Terriors to go along with that as well, and the answer is YES, we stay busy. I used to work for the largest aluminum can manufacturer in the United States until they decided to shut our plant down and ship our jobs over seas.

This gave me a great opportunity to further my education. I have always had a great job right out of high school and felt like I did not need to go to college. Thirty years later, I am now "in college". There is no job security anymore. If you are reading this and you are in my class, (CTCH 1270) do yourself a favor and get your college degree. DON'T WAIT!

I enjoy the outdoors, sports, my dogs and helping my wife in the garden. My favorite teams hail from the great city of Cincinnati, Ohio. Sorry Brown's fans. There are only two good teams from Ohio. The Buckeyes and the Bengals. Visit Bengals There is plenty of room for anyone to jump on the Bengal's bandwagon!

Have a great Day!

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