ISP (Internet Service Providers)

I searched for a few internet service providers in my area. There are certainly a lot of options availble to people these days for internet access. Below I listed some information about a few of the providers. This is just some basic information. If you need more information please search for these providers online.

Earthnet offers internet service for consumers or businesses. They offer Cable, DSL, or even Satellite Internet. Cable starts of at $29.95 a month. DSL starts at $14.95. Satellite service starts at $39.99. The bandwidth is 250 Gigabits monthly. However, satellite service only allows you to download up to 400 MB a day, using their most expensive package.

NetZero offers dial up service. NetZero, being dialup Internet, has a limit to how fast you can transfer data. The maximum speed is 56kpbs, which would mean that a 1MB file would take 2-4 minutes to download, if you were downloading at 56kbps. The cost is $9.95 a month.

Tripnet is another dial up service provider in my area, specializing in 56k internet access. I was unable to find bandwidth for the internet service provider just by looking through their website. The cost for this service is $8.25 per month.

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