An Ohio University student has created a website to allow his fellow students at the Chillicothe to buy and sell textbooks from each other. It is 100% free and works very similar to craigslist. Students will be able to post free ads for their books as well as up to 4 pictures. He got the idea while walking through the school and seeing bulletin boards full of handwritten ads for textbooks.

He hopes this website will help students exchange textbooks from each other with ease. He built the site to be 100% free, however, he does accept donations to help keep the site up and running. In addition, the site will also provide adspace for local businesses.

This site is only available for OUC students at this time but, he has plans for a site for Ohio University (Main Campus). The main campus site will work identical to the OUC site. He also hopes to have a site built for each Ohio University campus throughout Ohio. The OUC site is his test site for the project and hopes the site flourishes and is able to help all of Ohio University students.Click Here To View His Site:

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