LikemybrotherWhen thinking about my favorite place, it is hard decision for me to make. However, if I had to decide it would be at an Indycar event.

I started becoming a fan of Indycar around 1998-1999. I know that it would have only made me like eight or nine but that is the year I became addicted. It also started when my dad was working for Steve Horn, the team owner of Tasman motorsports. Steve invited me and my dad to the race shop. When we got there, I met the newest driver for the team and his name was Tony Kanaan. At that time Tony did not speak much English. Ever since then Tony has been a great friend of mine. At times he has called me when I was in the hospital for one of my many surgeries. The greatest memory I have is that one day when I went up to the race shop Tony had either candy or McDonalds. Even though Tony has been with many other teams since 1999, each of the teams has made me feel like family.

best friends

In 2003 Tony moved to yet another team named Andretti Green Racing. He was with the team since the end of last season, due to the loss of sponsorship. Between the years 2003 and 2010, not only have I been great friends with Tony but I have had the opportunity of meeting other great drivers. Some of them include Dario Franchitti, Dan Weldon, Brian Herta, and of course Danica Patrick. The best year happened in 2004, when Tony won the Indycar championship. I have had the opportunity to go to many winners Circles with Tony and the team. Everytime that I am at an Indycar event it feels like it is my second home. Both my parents can tell that when I am at the track, I am sometimes a totally different person. I would miss an opportunity I could get to be near the indycar world I love. There are times that being at a track can be hot and miserable. It is always exciting to watch and be a part of the heart throbbing racing in the world The speed annd the adrenaline is greatest thing of all.

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