Internet provider services

Time Warner Cable>The first one I want to talk about is Time Warner Cable. Time Warner Cable offers 3 different levels of internet for costumers. The different types of services are lite, basic, and turbo boost. The bandwidth for light is 768 Kbps. The other two range from 2mbps up to 50 mbps. The average price for internet is around 29.99.

Verizon>The next internet provider is Verizon. Verizon not only is wireless phones but also provides internet service for residential. They offer two different types of services. The two are regular and fiber optics. The bandwidth for regular ranges 1.13 to 7.1-15 MBPS. For the fiber optic the range is from 15 to 150 MBPS. The price varies on what type of service you get.

ATT>The final internet service is ATT. ATT has two differences between the other two services. One of the major differences is that they offer more than three different options of services. The other difference is that their bandwidth is less than the other two. The bandwidth ranges from 3-24 MBPS. However, the price is less.

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