Time Warner offers basic internet for $ 49 99 Per mo.for 12 mos. Less than $1.66 a day. Turbo Internet with speeds up to 20 Mpbs and FREE TWC WiFi. FREE Anti-Virus and Spywaresoftware. As well as free Internet Parental Controls. To make this a bundle it would add over 200 all digital channels with cable exclusive including Start Over and Look Back and more. A variety of HD channels include free HD channels. The Download speed of 10 Mpbs and all the the Anti-virus and Spyware, and Parent Controls for free for $79.99 for one year. The last option includes the telephone along with internet and cable with all of the same features for $89.99 for one year.

At&t has high speed internet medium which consists of up to 3.0Mbps,with Wifi access, ability to view webpages, email photo sharing, music sharing, and online gaming for $14.95 for one year. It has built in wireless home networking capabilities which eliminates Their bundle is known as U-Verse, which consists of Tv, internet and Phone for $119.00 a month for twenty-four months. With this bundle you get up to 360 channels, Max internet with downstreams speeds up to 12Mbps, and 250 Minutes for the phone which includes 20 features and Voicemail.

Verizon has FIOS Interent. FIOS is without phone for $69.99 per month price quaranteed with a two year contract. The Fios internet is 15/5 Internet, with breakneck speeds for gaming, videos and more.Verizon Security and Backup Bundle for 12 months. Wi-Fi hotspot access, 9 email accounts, 10MB of personal webspace Verizons FIOS triple play consists of HD Tv Internet and Unlimited Calling. The cost for this plan is $94.99 per month for two years. Its 210 channels with FIOS Tv Prime HD and that is including 55+ in HD. Consists of 100% fiber optics internet. The calling plan is unlimited local, regional toll and long distance calling all across the U.S. and to Canada and Puerto Rico.

I got my information from the following websites: Time Warner Cable.com http//dsl.theispguideguide.com

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