Despite the ever-increasing price of gas, and other current ecomonic woes, it is still possible to travel and enjoy a change of scene without spending a fortune. With the availability of technologies such as GPS, and the Internet, resources are at our finger tips that before would have required a large personnal library, a lot of snail-mailing, and long-distance telephone calls. The early stages of planning and preparation for a budgetted trip is greatly reduced in time and monetary cost.

For the basic visiting the family type of trip, the Internet can help you determine the prices of gas in the regions you'll not only be visiting, but travelling through. Websites such as Kayak will generate lists of hotels and airfares from not only a variety of companies but a variety of smaller comparison type websites, such as Hotels.Com and with its spokesperson William Shatner of Star Trek fame.

For a more involved trip to exotic lands, check out Simon Seek Tips for Travelling on a Budget for information on travelling to foriegn lands. Simon offers several links to other websites with further information. Simon suggests 'working' vacations, and avoid tourist traps. The best advice though would be to be creative, and realize that sometimes the best times can be had without staying at a five-star hotel!

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