Internet Service Providers

I decided to go with the top three ISP's in the area; Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and AT&T

The number one spot for ISP is Comcast in customer reviews, due to their high upload speeds, ranging from 1.5mb/s to 105mb/s. They charge on average $29.99 per month, the average among most ISP's. The only down-side to Comcast is that their service is not available to all areas.

Time Warner Cable
Second to Comcast due to having less speed, 50 mbps, however this does not make them any less of a competitor, as they service more areas than Comcast does. Time Warner also charges $29.99 on average per month. Time Warner however does not supply their high-speed plans in all areas that they service, which puts them down at number two.

Third place, according to reviews, goes to AT&T. They have more plans than the other two, ranging from their high-speed fiber optic network to dial-up. The largest and oldest of the three ISP's, AT&T has the cheapest average price at $19.95 and a service called U-verse that uses fiber optics that they report to deliver speeds up to 24Mbps. However, like the other two ISP's not all of speeds are available to everyone, and standard dial-up for most is not enough to satisfy their needs.

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