EM 211 – Fall 2008

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NEW FINAL EXAM Study Guide – see below!!!


FINAL WILL BE November 17th! – 5 to 7 PM - Please be in class!!!


Final is COMPREHENSIVE; i.e., over all the information from the entire quarter.

Download the study guide and STUDY IT! If you do, you’ll be well-prepared. It

wouldn’t hurt you to look at the Midterm Study Guide, as well as your quizzes,

the Midterm, and the lecture notes for Audio Fundamentals, Transducers,

Analog/Digital Recording, and Signal Processing.






Week1 – Audio Fundamentals


                        Week1 – Audio Fundamentals Powerpoint Presentation


                        Week1 – Audio Fundamentals Powerpoint Handout (6 slides/page)


                   Week2 – Transducers Powerpoint Presentation


                   Week4 – Analog/Digital Recording Notes


                   Week4 – Analog/Digital Powerpoint Presentation


                   Week5/6 – Signal Processing Notes


                   Week5/6 – Signal Processing Powerpoint Presentation



                   STUDY GUIDES


                   Midterm Study Guide


                   FINAL EXAM Study Guide






.pdf (Adobe Acrobat) files


Apple Soundtrack Pro User Manual