Danielle Magary

email: dm129308@ohio.edu


I'm Danielle, a sophomore pursing a career in the design world as an informational graphics and page designer.
I have a passion for magazines and web sites and hope to find a way to mix the two in the future.
When I'm not busy online or flipping the pages of Cosmo, I enjoy running outside in beautiful Athens.
I am from Dayton, Ohio and hope to end up somewhere with warm weather after college.


Thread Magazine
Thread magazine is the guidebook for encouraging the creation of a personal style through confident self-expression while showcasing Athens fashion culture.
Ohio University Multimedia Society
OUMS offers a strong learning environment along with a supportive community for anyone interested in the field of multimedia.
The Cherry Blossom Girl Blog
An inspirational fashion and photography blog featuring photos, drawing, and writing.
Designer Daily
Twenty examples of great fashion illustrations.


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