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Teaching & Technology

I have never had any formal teaching instruction, but from the time I left college I have taught. I initially taught high school students black & white photography at summer camps. Later I taught Business Theatre Techniques at Clark State Community College in Springfield, Ohio.Student viewing a web based video course on a comuter monitor

I began learning about a structured teaching process when I started to work for Lucent Technologies. I was surrounded by developers practicing information mapping and instructional designers creating the ID's for our courses. Now we have a very structured process that we use when we develop our courses.

Using technology

I work with instructors and teachers who dislike technology and do not want to use it. They are afraid technology is going to replace them. I don't think that it will replace them, but it will change how they do their job. If they don't learn how to use technology as a tool they will find that they will be replaced by someone who will.

Analog & digital

Each of uses digital tools and objects everyday and the youth today have grown up with it. They view it much differently than older generations. I think that the latest technologies are amazing and they will allow teachers and instructors to improve their effectiveness when they are used properly. They have to be careful not to get caught up in the technology and hype and remember that they are delivering the information to humans, an analog interface.