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Who am I?

I am Dean Hein. I work for Alcatel-Lucent as a Multimedia information developer. Because I spend much of my time correcting or debugging multimedia content that other Photo of Dean Hein people develop, I sometimes call my self a multimedia janitor. Our offices are in Columbus, Ohio, but I telecommute from home at least 2 days a week.

My background

I graduated with a BFA in photography from Ohio University in 1980. I spent 18 years working for various media production companies in the Columbus area. During that time I worked as a photographer, audio engineer, multi-image producer, Staging operations manager and a multi-media producer. I have worked on political campaigns, industrial films and videos, tv commercials and large events and sales meetings.

In 1998 I joined Lucent Technologies Multimedia Creation Center as a multimedia developer. The centers main focus was the development of training for Lucent's products.


What I do and how I do it has constantly changed. When I started working there were no computers or digital cameras, everything we did was analog. But the process has essentially stayed the same, you just use different tools. One of the most important tools I use in my job is my mind at it is still analog.