The first ISP that I reveiwed was Time Warner Cable, they offer up to 10MBPS and down to 512KBPS for $59.90 a month which I don't think is a bad deal at all. Definately if you have netflix and you stream movies and shows or like playing video games online like facebook and, or, whatever else they have that you can play on your PC now of days. The second ISP I researched was ATT, which offers up to 768KBPS and down to 384KBPS for $19.95 with a monthly cap of 20GB which is ok but they only offer this in certain areas. If your not close to one of their towers or service areas this isn't a very good internet provider. The last of the three ISP's that I reveiwed was Cable One, which offers up to 1.5MBPS and down to 150KBPS for $26.00 a month and a cap of 1GB total, which isn't very good if you like streaming and downloading movies or shows or playing video games online.

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