Top 3 Internet Service Provider Comparison

Comparing internet service providers is a difficult task. Most urban areas only offer a few high-speed choices, while rural areas often only have DSL, satellite or dial-up options. Choosing between different options can be a headache, especially with the aggressive advertising campaigns and opinionated customer reviews combating one another.


Comcast has a lot to offer when it comes to internet services. They provide dedicated lines with download speeds up to 105 megabits per second; however, actual speeds vary. When it comes to price, Comcast has an average cost of $29.99/month which is around the same price as any other ISP. All Comcast Xfinity accounts come with excellent security, and they can provide upload speeds up to 105Mbps in many areas. The only downside is their services are not available in all areas, and customers in some areas have reported problems with customer service and field technicians.

Time Warner Cable

They report to be the second largest multiple service provider in the U.S., and they serve over 14 million customers, including 9.7 million residential high-speed data customers. This large ISP provides services to 39 states, supports internet speeds up to 50Mbps and includes free internet security. Through their own hybrid fiber coaxial cable network, they are able to support internet connection speeds up to 50Mbps. They also have a product called Road Runner that supports medium speeds of 10 to 30Mbps and via EarthLink, they can provide a variety of lower speed options. But, their high-speed plans are not available in all areas and it is rumored that TWC may test consumption-based billing again. From numerous third-party tests we have seen, Time Warner Cable is capable of consistently delivering speeds of 10 to 50Mbps. This is fast enough for most people to do the things they want to do online. Things like streaming movies and music, watching video, checking social network accounts and shopping online.


AT&T owns seemingly endless miles of phone lines to provide DSL and dial-up services to millions of customers; they also provide fiber internet connections with their product called U-verse. U-verse provides fast connections with integrated wireless and a professional-grade firewall. AT&T provides a wide variety of internet options and exceptional security. AT&T is the largest company out of these 3, and they have a long history. This company was founded in the 1880s with its roots tied to American Bell. From the 1940s to the 1980s, it provided long distance telephone services to millions and grew to employ 1 million people in the 1950s and 1960s. In recent history, AT&T announced a merger with T-Mobile. There are a lot of variables that affect connection speeds (local cable infrastructure, weather and so on), so every area will have varying levels of success reaching and maintaining optimum upload and download speeds.

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