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Almost everyone figured out to ride a bicycle when we were children, but as grownups, the bicycle has dropped its appeal to the power and speed of the automobile. Not many of us now use a bicycle apart from for quick trips on the grocery store or for a few rounds of exercise. One of my favorite hobbies is riding bikes, especially in the fall. It's not to hot, it's not too cold and it's perfect weather to wear a jacket with jeans.

Remember how much fun bike riding was as a kid? Guess what. It can be more fun now and you don't have to be home by dinner time. It is an awesome way to attain fitness and how many fitness programs are really fun? Yet, if you are having fun you are much more likely to stay with it and reap the many health benefits that it gives you. ust about any sport, or fitness program, has on-going expenses like greens fees, membership fees, etc. But, a very modest investment in cycling gear will last for years and your on-going expense is almost zero. An estimated 80% of the average persons travel is, driver only, and within 10 miles of home. Imagine how much money bicycle riding can save you!

Columbus bike trails are growing and linking up across the city. The Olentangy and Lower Scioto Bikeways have been a recreational fixture in Columbus, Ohio for many years. But recent times have seen the blossoming of a parallel bikeway route to the east along the Alum Creek.

Here is a great resource for central ohio bike trails to help you get started today! Columbus Bikeways

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