Douglas Engelbart


Douglas Engelbart was born in Oregon in 1925. He was raised on a small far which led to him going to Oregon State University studying electrical engineering; during his schooling just happen to be the time WWII started. He spent two years in the Navy as a radar technician. After the war Engelbart went back to school to receive his degree in 1948. Engelbart did not want to live an ordinary life he wanted to do a lot more than that here is a quote from him. "How can my career maximize my contribution to mankind?" (Engelbart in O'Brien). With this mind set he went to graduate school at UC Berkeley and earned his PH.D. in 1955 which landed him a job at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI). Englebart set up his own lab called the Augmentation Research Center, in 1963. At a Computer Conference in San Francisco Engelbart showed off NLS with a hour and a half multimedia presentation with a live video feed to his lab and is known as “the mother of all demos”. This would not have happened without the help of ARPA helping fund the NLS. In 1989, he began the Bootstrap Institute to foster high performance organizations.

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