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(as Ephraim Cutler, Cutler Highway Marker, Veto, OH)

School of Hearing, Speech & Language Sciences
Ohio University -Athens, OH 45701
Article about my portrayals of Ephraim Cutler, My Life as Ephraim Cutler, Appalachian History, August 3, 2014,

Ephraim Cutler Ohio Pioneer
Coonskin Library
Rockerbeater Looms Research
Early Dean's in Athens County/Silas Dean
History of Mudsock - Pioneer Ohio Vlg.
David Lamb-103 year old Cybernaut

Link to sample of Double Voice Christian Singer

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 Am a Benefit Bank counselor working through the Church of the Good Shepherd, Athens, OH.  Counselors can assist middle to low income folds find assistance benefits and file federal and state income taxes.  Service may be available after first of the year 2014         


Am now a member of First Families of Athens County.  This was established on the basis of the following ancestors who were pioneers to Athens County, i.e. present prior to 1820:  Nathan Dean (1762-1830), Mary Thayer (his wife), Nathan Dean (1787-1837), Fannie Lane (his wife) and Nathan Wiliam Dean.  They are great-great-great-great-grandparents; great-great-great-grandparents; and great-great-grandfather (respectively). Brothers Gary, Larry and Jim and Son Nathan are also members.

Am now fully retired from School of Hearing, Speech and Language (now Division of Communication Sciences and Disorders), Ohio University, Athens, OH

Member of the D.V. Davis Men's Voice Choir in Jackson, OH.  This choir was organized on February 2009 in Jackson, OH. It is a 20-30 man choir that meets for an hour rehearsal in the Markay Theater, home of the Southern Hills Arts Council, on Tuesday evenings at 7:30-8:30 P. Don Shamblin and Bob Williams, Barbershopers from Athens, are members. We leave the Richland Avenue Methodist Church each Tuesday at 6:30.

Member and Secretary of the Athens Barbershop Chorus that meets weekly to rehearse at the First Christian Church. Details below.  

NOTE: Men interested in learning more about barbershop singing are always welcome at weekly rehearsal, each Thursday 7:30-9:00 P at the First Christian Church, corner of W. State and N. Congress (unless scheduled to sing at this time on a parcitular evening). Come and stay as long as possible. Email me for more information or a most cordial personal invitation. Chorus does not meet/rehearse during summer months.

Member of the Ohio University Emeriti Assn. Board. Currently, chairman of the Emeriti Park and Emeriti Park Committee.  NOTE: Emeriti park volunteers meet for an hour each week in the park to perform maintenance Meetings are currently 9-10 A April through October.  Need additional volunteers. Tasks include: planting, mulching, weeding and other beautification projects under direction of Susan Calhoun, OU landscape coordinator.

Past member of the Executive Board, Athens County Senior Board.

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Judy Kuster's Home Page
This home page contains a multitude of files and references on communication disorders.
This is fun site where you can enter your address and have the home page creat an actual map showing the location of the address you enter.
Barbershop Harmony Society (formerly Soc. for the Preservation & Encouragement of Barbershop Quartet Singing in America)
This is my latest hobby. I have been singing barbershop harmony for little over a year now. I am currently a lead singer, although I've sung baritone in the past. I'm secretary of the Athens County Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society as of Jan 1, 2004 (


an early Ames pioneer village that may be the oldest documented village in the Northwest Territory that did not survive.
Underground Railroad Currrent activites in Ohio to bring attention to this historic system to assist slaves acquire their freedom.
David Lamb - Computer Guru
This page documents my experiences introducing David, my wife's second cousin, to the personal computer at age 96. David died a day belore his 104th birthday. David was using his fourth personal computer.



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