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> CTCH 1270 Class Project

I particularly enjoy creating stories.I love creating the characters,the worlds, and the events that happen. The only problem with this hobby is that it requires a lot of dedication to become truly skilled at it. It requires constant writing, daily, to truly master the art of writing. I do not have the discipline needed to sit down and write every day.I took a fiction writing class last semester and that helped a lot to get me to sit down and actually write.

I also like to read. To be honest the only reason that I ever attempted to write was because of the admiration I had for some Science Fiction writers I began to read when I first came to Ohio University. I never read much in high school but once I came to college something clicked. I read "Foundation" by Asimov "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" by Heinlein, "Enders Game" by Card, and perhaps my favourite Science Fiction series "Hyperion" by Simmons. Science Fiction is, in my opinion, one of the strongest genres to explore real world topics in a way that distances them from reality thus allowing readers to take objective observations about them. Science Fiction, more than any other genre, has the chance to actually change the world and the people that live in it. Read more about the importance of Sci Fi

Switching gears quite a bit, let's talk about late night talk shows. I loathe these abominations, except for one. The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson is the only late night talk show that is worth your time. Its clever, versatile, and more importantly entertaining. The other shows and their hosts fail to change the talk show format what so ever. The Late Late Show however is very unique and entertaining to watch. It makes laugh out loud at least three times a show. And yet, Ferguson and his show are placed in a 1am time slot, and receive minimal funding while Lettermen and Fallon get all the attention. It really is a travesty. Check out Ferguson's antics, they are hilarious!

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