Executive Summary

Working With Big Data

In today's world many decisions are made based on the statistics of things. With this many people have to deal with collections known as big data. Big data is any collection of data or large datasets analyzed in a statistical matter. Big data can be anything such as customer reviews, bank records, photos and videos posted online. All this data can be split into two types, sturctured and unstructured. Structured data are generally numbers and words that can be categorized easily including sales figures, and account balances. Unstructured data, however, is data not as easily seperated into categories including reviews, and multimedia. There are workers involved in the process of collecting data some know as data scientists or data analysts. One's title depends on the work they do and the company they work for. Whatever the title these workers use varying methods from conventional to methods still being developed today by running computer programs or algorithems. Big data work is not necessarily done entirely after the collecting of the data, it can also occur before the analysis. Workers can clean data during the collection process otherwise know as scrubbing the data. Job tasks differ for data analysts depending on the source of the data and the field or organization that data is collected by. Businesses base the majority of their decisions on data dealing with their products. Finance offices will use account data, and credit card transactions looking for security breaches. Data can be collected by governments on their constituents, policies, and healthcare. Social Networking sites will use big data to study user preferences and make their site easier to navigate. All this said big data still can present problems for those who work with it. Therefore a variety of skills are needed to work with and prepare big data sets. Skills include communication, teamwork, and curiosity. Communication skills in order to be able to talk with people and communicate the data to others. Teamwork skills to collaborate and work well with co-workers. Curiosity skills in that one is able to learn new things in technology and all things involved.