My husband and I traveled on a ten-year journey that took us to Iceland, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Italy, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Spain, Portugal, France (Marseille), Egypt, The Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana, Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique, South West Africa (now Namibia), Angola, Kinshasa in Zaire (now The Congo), Rwanda (Kigali), Kenya and Tanzania again, The Seychelles, Sri Lanka, India/Kashmir, Nepal, India again, Burma, Thailand, Hong Kong, The Philippines, and Hawaii, where we lived for four years.

We traveled mainly by hitchhiking, staying in campgrounds, pensions, Sikh temples, police stations, on edges of villages. We rode in fast cars, lorries, donkey carts, and eventually when transportation was cheaper, packed buses and trains. We also went on foot. We were offered a wealth of hospitality from the people we met. The experience shaped our high regard of all cultures and of humankind in general.

I hope to have some stories on my web page eventually. There are some good ones. Like making a Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial with Colonel Sanders in Spain for French Canadian television; barreling down a dirt road in Botswana at 100 kms an hour and more in a lorry; enjoying the moonbow at Victoria Falls while unbeknownst to us Zambian soldiers shot tourists; meeting O.J. Simpson in South West Africa; the jackfruit experience in The Seychelles, where we tried to keep the rats away with a kitten; the pigs of Goa, etc., etc., etc. Check back.

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