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Lord of the Rings Online

My charecter Pastora At left is a picture of my alter-ego within Middle Earth, Pastora. She is a level 42 Hobbit Minstrel. I have been playing Lord of the Rings: Online since the first year it was out of beta testing, probably somewhere in 2008. It is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game. LoTRo is the same type of game as World of Warcraft, with a similar set of mechanics and user interfaces. LoTRo however, is based on Tolkien's world of Middle Earth. As a charecter in the game, I accept missions and challenges. Most of these 'quests' are based upon events occuring in Middle Earth seperate from the Fellowship. I spent many early levels defeating goblins and corrupted creatures in and around the Shire. From there I fought brigands in Breeland. Finally, my travels have taken me to Rivendell. I have interacted with nearly every important member of the Fellowship in Rivendell. I have completed quests for Gandalf, Frodo, Strider, and I've done a special mission fighting alongside Legolas Greenleaf of Mirkwood. In the meantime, I've acquired a horse, and a large delux hobbit hole in the shire! Although the game affords many group and social activities, I prefer playing alone as I do not always have the time to play reguarly. LoTRo has been a place to spend some relaxation time.

A view from RivendellAt right it is a picture of one of the bridges in Rivendell. I must admit that Sir Peter Jackson's Fellowship of the Ring movie depicted a more beautiful Rivendell, but that does not take away from the excitement of being there in virtual reality. The folks at Turbine, the gaming company that produces and run LoTRo, have done an amazing job of creating visuals from Tolkien's writings.
Lord of the Rings Online is a free to play game, with options for upgrading your account. This makes it very attractive to a wife/college student/parent/grandparent/domestic goddess-type person. I don't have to fret about a monthly subscription fee while my playing time is limited. If you would be interested in playing LoTRo, you can download a copy of the game for free at Lord of the Rings Online.

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