Summer 2013

My summer, now more than half over, has been a typical summer. Ironically, this is technically my last summer break. I use the term break loosely, as I have a full schedule of classes and I'm working full-time. In fact, the rest of the year is more of a break than the summer, though I'm not complaining.

Right after finishing Spring Semester and moving out of my house in Athens, I began work at the summer job I've had since high school. I wait tables at Eatn' Park, which is a chain restaurant with locations mainly in Ohio and Pennsylvania. After being there so long, I really enjoy my job and my coworkers. I don't, however, enjoy working midnight shifts that last until five in the morning. This will eventually require a massive shift in my routine just before school starts. Grades tend to slip if your body thinks it can sleep until 3pm.

In addition to time spent working, I've taken a few small trips with friends. First, I drove to Louisville for a visit and ended up driving to an amusement park in Indiana. This park, called Holiday World and located in a little town Santa Claus, is has a few good roller coasters and a number of water slides. Later, I took a trip up to Lake Erie to relax on the beach for a day. Both of these trips suffered from rainy weather. This summer is unfortunately not the sunniest.

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