My name is Cody Smith, Im 22 and Im from Logan, Ohio. I decided to go into the CTCH program because working with and learning about technology is a hobby of mine. I know Im not the most learned person about computers, but it's definitley something I love to learn about. Web design is especially interesting to me. I feel like the concepts of layout come easily to me than other things.

One of, and probably my biggest interest is video games. Ive been playing since I was a kid with my dad on his Genesis. Some of my favorite series are Resident Evil and Metal Gear Solid. I love talking about and reading about video game related news, in fact my most visited sits are Kotaku, 1up and IGN.

Im a pretty quiet and easy going guy. I dont like to take things too seriously most of the time, until it's time to work. I also dont like to talk about myself too much and that's why I problems writing a third paragraph the first time!


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