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Bachelor's of Science Communication Studies

Craig R. Patton


Who I Am 





Who I am

My name is Craig Patton and I wear many hats; IT Manager, business owner, husband, father, and grandfather. I am currently working full time as the IT Manager for the Herald-Dispatch newspaper in Huntington, West Virginia, as well as the owner of NCIS Consulting as an IT consultant for a number of businesses in Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia. Each one of these "hats" I wear requires precise attention to my audience whether that is a family member, client, or co-worker. My ability to both listen and communicate with those around me enable me to be a productive IT Manager, business owner, husband, father, and grandfather.

As a student of communication studies, I believe it is vitally important that I am able to take complex thoughts and ideas and to be able to convey them in a manner in which my audience understands. One can be the most gifted speaker on the planet but if the audience does not have a clear understanding of what your message is, then you have failed as an effective communicator.

This does not apply to just the spoken word, everything we do communicates our thoughts and feelings whether we are conscious of it or not. How often do we look disinterested in a speaker or wave our hands out in excitement when we see a friend on the street? This too is a form of communications and, quite possibly, the most powerful way we communicate with one another since we as humans are very attuned to visual presentation.

Many people have asked, "Why communication studies?" I answer them with the following:

Can you speak articulately and assertively? Are you a confident and respected leader? Do you work well with others in teams? Can you manage interpersonal conflict effectively?

These skills, and many others, are necessary to be an effective communicator and these skill traverse classroom and into the real world as a person who can master these skills, is truly a master of communications!