I myself am only a Sophmore in college so believe me when I say that the memory of that first anxiety-riddled day my Freshman year is still very present in my mind. As someone who has been where you are about to be, I would like to leave you with these words of wisdom, a tip guide for the succeeding generations:

Tip 1:

The first tip that I have to offer is this, your college career begins in High School. What do I mean by that? In a nutshell, the choices that you make during those formative High School years will effect and prepare you for College. In other words, get serious about your education sooner rather than later.

Tip 2:

Second, be diligent when deciding a major. You should do a great deal of research into all aspects of the various degree programs that your are considering, including their pay-scale, job availablity, and the length of time necessary to earn the degree. Then, consider your individual strengths and weaknesses before committing to a particular major/degree.

Tip 3:

Third, seek out and take advantage of every grant and scholarship opportunity afforded to you. College is expensive and student loans are great if that's all you have but interest-free money is much better.

Tip 4:

Fourth, learn to manage you class schedule effectively. Do not overextend yourself by taking more classes than you can successfully complete, but at the same time, do not take so few classes that a two-year program takes three years to complete.

Tip 5:

Fifth, learn to manage time wisely.This can be very tricky depending largely upon how many hats you wear. For example, as a single mother of three children and a full-time student, I have to work very hard to make and stick to a schedule that includes time for kids, housework, homework, and personal time. You need to balance working hard and playing hard.

Tip 6:

Sixth, DO NOT PROCRASTINATE! Perhaps this is a bit from self reflection but it's important not to put off work until the last minute. It will add unnecessary stress to you and to your professors.

Tip 7:

Seventh, Do you very best and ask for help when necessary. We all have different strengths. Maybe yours isn't math, schedule time with the math tutor or ask the professor for additional explanation or examples.

Tip 8:

Eighth, get some rest. For me, this seems to be the most difficult as I have always had trouble sleeping but a good night's rest essential to be at your best.

Tip 9:

Finally, do your best. I know that sounds incredibly over-simplified but it's also very true. If you do the absolute best that you can do then you will never have anything to regret.

Now that I have given you some tips to make your transition into College life a bit smoother take a look at what inspired me to further my education, my beautiful daughters:

My Girls
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