Cheri Peterson

Hi. My name is Cheri Peterson. I am 31 years old and a single mother of three beautiful daughters. I am working toward my degrees at Ohio University where I hope to obtain an Associate degree in Computer Technology and dual bachelor degrees in English and Communications. I greatly enjoy virtually all writing outlets: poems, songs and even essays (if the topic peaks my interest), as well as drawing.

My daughters will be turning 8, 12, and 14 this summer which is crazy to me. My oldest daughter shares my love of writing and drawing and is very talented at both. She is also a definite extravert like her mother. My middle daughter is the only quiet and shy girl in the family. She is very soft spoken and relaxed. My youngest is a ball of energy who I would sometimes love to place on pause.

I never imagined that I would be a single mother but sometimes things don't work out as planned. I love my kids more than anything else in this world. They drive me to work hard in pursuing my education. I want to provide a secure future for them. I'm not just a mom but being a mom is the most important role that I will ever have.

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