French 415/515
French Literature of the Renaissance:  Poetry

Course Description:

This course will examine French Poetry of the sixteenth century.  We will cover the principal poetic movements, schools, and tendencies of the French Renaissance including les Grands Rhétoriqueurs, l'École lyonnaise, la Pléiade, and poésie engagée. The course will focus on a limited number of poems representative of these tendencies featuring authors such as Marot, Labé, Du Bellay, Ronsard, d'Aubigné.  We will also study some brief prose excerpts from the era relevant to poetry, such as the Défense et illustration de la langue française, as well as articles by modern historians/critics.  Class discussions and lectures will involve a combination of detailed exegesis of the authors' works and synthetic contextualization, tying the texts into significant cultural, artistic, philosophical and historical trends and events of the French Renaissance era.  Students will write two short papers (700-1000 words for graduates and 350-700 words for undergraduates) and a final term paper (2600-3300 words for graduates, 1700-2300 words for undergraduates).  The course is conducted in French.

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