for writing term papers in Dr. Coski's classes

1.  Your paper must be on white paper.
2.  It must be type-written or computer-printed.
3.  You must type or print it with BLACK ink.
4.  It must be double-spaced.
5.  You must use a 12-point font -- the font must be a "normal" font, such as Times Roman, Courrier, or Arial.
6.  Your margins must be a standard 1" (2.5cm).
7.  You must number your pages.
8.  You must cite sources correctly and format your text according to The MLA Handbook
9.  You must write in FRENCH.
10.  You must include accents (if your computer doesn't do them, you will have to write them in by hand in BLACK ink).
11.  The length of your paper must be within the minimum and maximum word/page limits specified in the assignment.  If a word limit is given, use the word count function on your computer to verify this.
12.  The pages must be PAPERCLIPPED together.
13.  The pages must NOT be stapled.
14.  The pages must NOT be in a folder or binder of any kind.
15.  If any one or more of these criteria are not followed, your paper will be handed back to you for correction.  Be aware that this will cause you to suffer the grade reduction penalty for handing it in late.