My Cancer Experience

In 1995 I went to the dentist for dental work.  He tried repeatedly to get me numb so he could fill my tooth.   After three trys, he suggested we go next door to an oral surgeon, but decided together that gas could also be used this time.

The following day I felt a choking feeling in my throat, and I believed it was something the dentist caused.  After seeing a throat doctor I was told there was nothing wrong with my throat, but my wife insisted that I see another doctor.  The second doctor discovered a lump under my chin and within a few seconds which later proved to be stage three cancer.

Now, as you're reading this page, reach up and feel under your chin, on both sides of your neck.  The lump I had was a large hard lump the first doctor missed, and I had never noticed before.

Then about three years after my throat surgery, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and again the first doctor I saw told me that because my lab tests were all negative, there was nothing wrong with me (even though my PSA was running around 14).  And again, after going to a second doctor, cancer was found within a week.

As you can see, on both occasions my cancer was misdiagnosed.  So I guess it means that you should always get a second opinion when you feel deep inside that there is something wrong.  I did, and it saved my life!

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