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South High School Images
from the South High Centennial Celebration in 2000

South High School 
Football and Track Field 
Band Room 
Band Door 
Hall Camera 
Door Contest 
Auditorium 1 
Auditorium 2 
Aud Left Hall Doors 
Centennial reception 1 
Centennial reception 2 
Band Room at Barrett Jr 1955 

I attended South High School from 1957 to 1960. My activities included being in senior choir, and one semester on the Optic staff.   I was also in the cast of the operetta Brigadoon because I was in senior choir.  I just loved that music.

Speaking of music, I'm so glad I'm from that era in my life because of the music we had in high school.   I'll mention a few of singers and groups I can remember like Elvis, Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, JP Richardson "The Big Bopper" and also all the Do Woop sounds.   I also remember Dr. Bop on WCOL "The little boy down in the gravel pit" and was "always back on the scene, with a stack of shellac and his record machine."  As you can tell, I remember so many things during my years at South, it's just too bad I lacked the study skills at the time to have high grades.

South has been remodeled replacing the band room.   Check the Design Group site about the South project.  Barrett Jr. High (the original South High School) which is now closed, was remodeled and used for the South students during the South project.  Barrett then may be the new location and offices of the Columbus Board of Education.   Keep monitoring the SHSAA Site for updates.

On November 20th, 2006 it was announced that after carrying the South Urban Academy name since the late 1990s, South has reverted to its original name: South High School.  The Columbus Board of Education made the change official, the result is the elimination of the urban academies program at South and several other schools.


For reunion information view the South High Alumni Site.

My Class of 1960 held our 50th Reunion on September 18th, 2010 at the Germania Club, then the next day most of us attended the annual Alumni Picnic and Car Show at the South Side Y Park. With my wife out of town, and two dogs at home in Athens, I had to leave early on both days so the picture layout that I might normally do will be reduced.

Images can be seen here!

For the Class of 1952 contact Mary Wittmann Westinghouse 614.855.8009 or Helen Smith Turner 614.263.9072.
For the Class of 1953 contact?
For the Class of 1954 contact?
For the Class of 1955 contact?
For the Class of 1956 contact?
For the Class of 1957 contact?
For the Class of 1958 contact Delores (Dee) Stewart Kimberly 740.881.5132 (
For the Class of 1959 contact?
For the Class of 1960 contact Joyce Oakley ( or Kay Hennis (
For the Class of 1961 contact Joyce Clark (
For the Class of 1962 contact Cheryle Hoover Meier 614.759.6773 or
Beverly Howell Mollette 614.279.1381.
For the Class of 1963 contact?
For the Class of 1964 contact Beverley Oursler Truax 614.851.9865
For the Class of 1965 contact Lynn Hunt 614.895.7821 email
For the Class of 1966 contact?
For the Class of 1967 contact Brenda Reese Willhite at 614.235.5108.
For the Class of 1968 contact?
For the Class of 1969 contact?
For the Class of 1970 contact Karen (Haas) Yost at 614.444.9436 email
For the Class of 1971 contact?
For the Class of 1972 contact Larry Latta 614.882.1519 (
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For the Class of 1981contact Ben Assmann (
For the Class of 1987 contact Cheryl Perry ( or

Living in Florida?

Did you know there was an Annual South High Bulldog Luncheon in Florida?
This year (2013), it was held in Sarasota on March 5th, with a Social Hour that followed the luncheon. Please contact Eloise Hackett before 8PM at (941.355.7280) for the details ( and pictures.

There is a lost classmate page for all classes.   Are you trying to find a lost classmate? Just maybe you will find them listed here.   Please let me know if you'd like to be listed, or know someone who does.  

I also have several Schiller Park images and the homes around Schiller Park linked from my Columbus history page.

South High School Alumni Association's 12th Annual Picnic & Car Show is on SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 15th at Hoover Y-Park 1570 Rohr Road, Lockbourne, OH 43137. It's a great time to mingle with Bulldogs of all ages!

Make check payable to South High School Alumni Assn.,and mail to: P.O. Box 06287, Columbus, OH, 43206, or call Alumni Assn. President, Jim Driggs, 614-893-8174

Adults, 12 and up - $16 (Advance Reservation and Car Show Entrants), Children, 6 to 11 - $5 Children 5 and under – FREE
Your name will be added to the master list located at the check-in table. No tickets will be issued.

Images from past Picnic and Car Shows.

Here's a
map that shows how to get to Y-Park (1570 Rohr Rd Lockbourne, OH).

So far, names are added to the master list located at the check-in table.
No tickets are issued.

The Annual Swan Club Alumni Picnic

The picnic was held on July21st. 2013. The price was $19 for each person with food being served at around 1:00PM.

There was cash door prizes, and a 50/50 cash drawing.  Get your name on the pre-registration list by sending a check by July 1st to:

Here are some images from the 2008 Swan Club Picnic.
Here are images from the 2008 Swan Club Picnic.

My 1960 Class 46th Year Reunion In Pictures

In 2006, our class held our 46th year reunion at the Germania Club.  I really enjoyed myself, but wish I could take back time and do things differently by approaching each person who attended to introduce myself.

I thought the name tags were a good idea using our senior pictures on them, and I believe the committee did a great job putting the reunion together.  The Germania Club proved to be an ideal location with plenty of room for visiting and having dinner.   I'm glad one of our classmates was a member and was able to reserve the building for us.

I put together a picture page of random shots that were taken during the reunion.  David Boatwright and Sharon Huff Hart also sent me their images to be posted too!  If you attended and would like to share your images please send me a few of your pictures.  Thanks! I recently received a picture from Don Ellis of the 1959 Scoreboard Crew and thought I'd post it here.

A few months after the reunion, I got together with Barbra Baker Hathcock and Phyllis Stevens Strickland who now lives in Georgia and came to Columbus for a short vacation.   The three of us drove around south Columbus reliving the old times.   Phyllis brought a picture of her home room when she attended South which was led by the wood shop teacher Mr. Becker. (If interested, here's a much larger image)

South Links

For alumni meetings always remember they meet at Plank's Café on Parsons Ave, not at the High Street location.

Be sure to view the student designed South High School Site  or the
South High Alumni Association Site. Did you know the Alumni Assn is also now on Facebook, search for “Columbus South High Alumni Association” for events, and photos. Speaking of photos, while you're on Facebook, search for "Southside Columbus Alumni" for lots of images from the Columbus south end.

We would like to extend our deepest sympathy to the Heinlein family with the sudden death of Richard Heinlein from the South High Class of 1961.   He died at home and found unconscious in his garage.

Ken H. Kerns has also passed away on December 19, 2008 at age 67. He was born on November 13, 1941 in Paintsville, KY. Ken was a 1960 graduate (my class) from South High School in Columbus, OH. I would also like to extend my deepest sympathy to his family on his sudden death.

William B. Wilt, my homeroom teacher who taught Speech, English and Drama passed away on February 14, 2013 in Tucson, Ariz. He was an Army Korean War Veteran, a graduate of The Ohio State University with a Master'sDegree in Education. We would like to extend our deepest sympathy to his family.

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Thanks to Lou Plank for this picture of the Barrett Band and Orch in 1947

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