Both Paulette and I worked for Ohio University, and due to an early retirement buy out, we both retired at the end of August (2003).  Before moving to Athens, we lived in Guysville and Lancaster, and before that, we lived in the small town of Pickerington, OH.

Our oldest daughter Jackie and her husband Larry seem to be working as hard as ever in their sign shop.  They have two children.

Our second oldest daughter, Margie, is now living in Canal Winchester, OH, and works in the medical field as a Senior Auditing Consultant and Audit Coordinator at Precyse.

Our youngest is our son Paul, who married Teri while he was stationed in California.  Paul joined the Air force after he graduated from Ohio University. He was enrolled in the ROTC program while attending college.  He's currently a pilot in the Air Force.  but will be retiring in 2013. Lindsey is their only daughter. They now live in Florida.

Tim's mom, Mary M. Cook, passed away in 2009 at the age of 89. She lived in a senior apartment building here in Athens during the last year of her life.   Tim's dad Harry G. Cook died in 1989.

Both of Paulette's parents (Paul and Hilda) have passed away.  Paulette has two sisters, Ruth and Helen Przybyl, who both currently live in and around Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where all the sisters grew up.

Tim has three brothers - Greg who married Carol now lives in Rockbridge, OH.   Larry who married Elaine now lives in Wauchula, FL.

A second picture of Tim and Paulette 
Our Home in Athens, Ohio 
Harry G. Cook with his four Sons 
Jackie, Margie and Paul as Kids 
Jackie, Margie and Paul in 2003 
Jackie and Larry VanDyke 
Our granddaughters 
Margie Lynn Cook 
Paul, Teri and Lindsey at Home in Dover 
Mary and Harry Cook 
Tim with his Dad Harry Cook 
Paulette when she was 17 
Paulette In 1961 Before We Met 
Paulette's Senior Picture 
Tim's Senior Picture 
   A young Paulette and her sister Helen 
   10 Year Old Tim with his fish 
   Me and Paulette in Milwaukee 1962 
   Tim and Paulette's Family in Milwaukee Dec 62 
   Cutting the 1963 Wedding Cake 
   Our First Christmas, In Milwaukee 1965 
   Tim Cook working on his ham antenna 
   Paulette in Guysville 1982 
   Paulette's Mom, Hilda with her family in Germany 
   Tim with our dogs Cookie and Casey May 
   Paulette with our dog Sunshine 
   Paul's Air Force Static Shot with a T38 
   Greg, Tim, and Larry in 2003 
   Tim, Alan, and Greg in 2003 
   Paul's former plane the C5 Galaxy 
   Paul's current plane, the T6a  

Tim's father Harry G. Cook saying good-bye his special way. 

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