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Donuts To Die For

I'd like to write about Donuts, yes Donuts. When I was young, my family always bought large donuts from Reiner's for the Sunday night Disney series Davy Crockett. With the family sitting around our 12 inch B&W TV (1950), we ate the donuts with hot chocolate. After growing up, I've never seen donuts like the ones Reiner's made until now. My daughter Jackie recently told me about an Amish bakery near Jackson, Ohio located on Four Mile Road. We decided to drive to Jackson and find the Four Mile Bakery to try the donuts. Yep, they are yellow inside and very big just like Reiner's sold.   BTW   My wife and I sometimes drive to Wilmot, Ohio in Amish country and buy Apple Fritters from the "Amish Door Bakery". The apple fritters sold there are the best we've ever tasted.  I'll try and add some apple fritter images in the future.

Have you ever ordered a movie from
If not, you should because the prices are low and the shipping is free.

Here's a link for the movie "Flywheel", one of the best movies I've seen in a long time.  Watching Flywheel will bring tears to your eyes.  A real feel good movie!

When I was in the Navy back in 1962, I was stationed in Boston for a few months while our ship was dry docked. One weekend, I went into town stopping at a ice cream store trying to buy a milk shake. I ordered a chocolate milkshake, then while watching her make it, she added chocolate syrup to milk and began to mix it.  I asked about adding ice cream and she said that was called a "frappe". I told her I wanted ice cream added, so she dropped two scoops into the cup and began to mix it again. I then asked if she could add a little more ice cream to make it a little thicker, that's when she told me that was called a "cabinet". So when in Boston, you should order a "Chocolate Cabinet" for a thick chocolate milkshake.

My New Laptop... I recently bought a new laptop (notebook) computer and thought I'd share my experience.  I first saw the HP dv7-1247 with a Blue-Ray drive at Sams Club and decided to buy it.  Once I got it home, I realized I didn't like it, at all.  So, after restoring the hard drive, I returned it to Sams for a full refund.  I then decided to look at computers at Best Buy knowing they have a 15% restocking fee for anything returned, but their stock is so large you can really see just about every model of computer you might want.  I looked at the Dell and Sony displays, but once I saw the ASUS G50V, I was blown away.  I decided right there and then, the heck with the restocking fee, I had to have one.   Now the best part, the model they sold me had been "OPTIMIZED", which means that a Geek opens the box and removes all the crap and offers that are pre-installed on new computers today.  The cost was $39 extra, but was well worth the price.  It seems that this computer is now running at the speed of light!

If you're ever find yourself thinking of buying a new laptop, take a look at the ASUS.

On the web I found a review from howard911s "This particular Asus G50 is very well built. The fit, finish and overall WOW factor beats the Gateway FX, Dell XPS M1530, HP DV5T, Dell Inspiron (yes I owned them all and speaking from experience)".

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