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Welcome!  I have linked many images within these pages.  I'm hoping you will take the time to view some of the different pages, and look at a few of the images.  I've assembled this WEB Site to share my life with others using images. Before you get started here's a picture of my wife Paulette and me with our dog Cookie, then one of me working on this web page. A Special Note! We miss you Casey May.

I was born in 1941.  I grew up in Columbus, Ohio and graduated from South High School.
I enlisted in the Navy during the summer of '61 and during my four years of NAVY service, I was assigned to the USS Lake Champlain CVS-39, USS York County LST-1175, and the USS Vermilion AKA-107.  Be sure to view my Navy page for some great ship pictures and at sea videos.

Below are links to the different areas within my WEB Site.  Please E-Mail me (wb8bco@gmail.com) with your comments and suggestions.   Most of all, if you have additional images of South High School or Navy service on any of the three ships listed on my Navy page, I would be glad to add them too!    

Thanks for visiting my web site, and don't forget to  E-Mail me (wb8bco@gmail.com) to let me know you were here!