My Other Family

Sylvi sitting Maisy list of foods My favorite summer and fall activities revolve around my other family, my two dogs. They're both cute and full of energy, which is why one of main activities when I'm not working is taking them outside and playing with them. If you click Sylvi's nose you'll see a picture my other dog Maisy. We found her out in the middle of nowhere, we opened the car door and called for her, and she came right to us.

My second hotspot on this image is just above Sylvi's head, and that one is a list of the ONLY food and treats that I feed my girls. The food is all meat and veggies, no grain added. The treats are also made in the U.S. which I like because it helps our economy.

Here's a youtube video also of me talking about a certain topic that bothers me in football at the high school and college levels. I won't spoil it for you because I hate dramatic irony when it comes to watching a video I haven't seen before.

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