Ancient Athens

My favorite place that I've never had the privilege of going to is Greece. Over the years I've read the Illiad and the Odyssey and fell in love with both of them. As I studied more about the history I realized I liked Greece for more than just their mythology. The Spartans with their warrior instincts and great battle tactics for the time they lived in. The Athenians with their love for the arts and revolutionizing politics as we know it even today with their democracy. I've enclosed below a list of some of my favorite ancient greeks and more about them. In the second table I've enclosed a few of my favorite places in Greece I've always wanted to visit and links to learn a little more about them.

Person More About them
Plato Plato's Biography
Aristotle Aristotle's Biography
Socrates Socrates' Biography
Leonidas Leonidas' Biography

That's only to name a few great people of Greece that have helped to mold the way we see the world today, I'm sure you noticed that most of these men were philosophers except for one, can you pick him out? I picked the philosophers that I did because Philosophy has always fascinated me and I strengthened my knowledge of the subject when a took the entry-level class a few semesters ago. It really made me think which is one of the purposes of the subject.

Here is a list and information about just the few places in Greece that is rich with history.

Place More About it
The Acropolis History of the Acropolis
The Parthenon History of the Parthenon

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