About me

To start let me say that I have taken another CTCH class in the past, but I didn't get too much out of it, it didn't feel like it I was really being challenged mentally. I enjoy a class that really tests me. Easy A's are just a waste of time, in my opinion of course. I think this class will test me because of what I've done already. I'm also looking forward to javascript because of what it's capable of. I like the dynamics of it, how it makes the pages load instanteously due to the code. My younger brother got me started on that last year at one point.

I also work at a gas station just outside of Circleville. I haven't been there too long, but I like what I've seen of it so far. It's fast paced, but constant, and that's what I like. I've had too many jobs where there was too much idle time. I feel that it's unethical to be idle and get paid for it. When I'm off the clock I'm a relatively relaxed person who likes to talk with friends and co-workers, but when I'm on the clock, it's all about business and taking care of customers.

In my free time I enjoy playing with my puppy Sylvi whom you all saw on the home page and also the second page if you decided to click on the link I had there. I also enjoy writing, exercising when I have time, watching television, playing video games, and working on another website I'm putting together with the aid of this class. I'll post a sample of it on this public page at the end of the semester if anyone cares to see it. It's an interactive novel I came up with that is based on the one I have written over a span of twelve years.

To close this assignment I'll include a paragraph with this format. I enjoy seeing other people's websites also from this class to see what you folks have to say also and what you all have come up with since
this is also a sort of art class in addition to being a CTCH class. I hope everyone likes how I formatted this page and that the colors aren't too harsh.

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