Two Best Web Hosting Sites

The first webhost I'll talk about is the well-known, I think a lot of people know them better for their risque commercials, but they are still a good web hosting site for small businesses among other internet users who just want to have a website and don't want to host it themselves. Now is a paysite and costs vary depending on the plan you want. The prices here are if you pay for a year up front, the cheapest is $3.99 a month as of 04 August 2013, the next one up is $4.49 a month and the most expensive is $7.49 a month.

First up I'll discuss the cheapest plan which is the, "Economy plan". This plan would be good for a small business starting out since it's so cheap and it has what a new business needs. There is 100 gigabytes of backup space for a multitude of different images, animations, videos, etc. The small business get's one website with this package which is the biggest feature difference between this one and the other two since they both offer unlimited amounts of websites they'll host. Now like I said, a small business starting out should really only need one website. The small business can also have up to 100 email addresses on their site in addition to ten databases. Also they get $100.00 worth of google ads credits, $50.00 worth of bing ads credits, $50.00 worth of facebook ad credits, and unlimited bandwidth. That all sums up the cheapest plan godaddy offers.

The next plan is called the, "Deluxe plan". This plan is the best value according to the website, and it's offers are comparable to the Economy plan. Like I already said it's $4.49 a month as of when I wrote this report. This plan also offers unlimited bandwidth in addition to the other features in the Economy plan, but it adds the capability of customizing a mobile site in addition to allowing the small business owner to create an unlimited number of websites. Those are the only two differences in this plan verses the Economy plan in addition to the price difference.

The last and most expensive plan is the, "Ultimate plan". This one has two significant differences over the other two plans, first being the small business owner get's there own SSL certificate in addition to getting a free Malware scanning service that ensures hackers aren't implanting malicious links on your website. Those are the two significant differences verses the other two plans.

The small business owner also get's a free domain with the purchase of any of those plans.

The second webhost I'll talk about is a lesser known site, but one I've used in the past called, "". This site offers free and premium hosting. The free hosting still offers backup service of 1.5 GB of disk space in addition to other features I'll cover in the next paragraph. The premium hosting package is 4.84 per month with unlimited disk space, and I'll discuss the details of that one in the third paragraph.

The free hosting package also offers 100GB of disk transfer space per month in addition to five sub domains, five email addresses that can be used on the site, with two MySQL databases. Now one problem is that you don't get your own domain with this package, and with owning your own business, business owners will probably want they're own domain so that their company's name is right there in the address. The small business owner also has access to backups and a limited amount of automated weekly backups, but the limit isn't specified on the page.

Now the premium package offers a multitude of features in addition to having an unlimited amount of backup space and disk transfer space. Also the other four things that would be the most beneficial I think to small business owners is having an unlimited number of add-on domains, sub-domains, email addresses, MySQL databases, and the small business owner also get's their own domain at no extra cost with the premium package.


To sum up the two websites, I can't say which one is overall the best though because it's all about the needs and amount of money the small business owner is willing and able to spend on a webhost. It's also a matter of which web host they feel comfortable with, I know I like 000webhost the best because I've used them in the past and they're very easy to deal with, but also has their advantages which is why they're able to spend so much money on marketing and advertising. is more user-friendly and is more about helping the user put their website together in addition to hosting it, but since I know more about putting websites together than some people from this class and doing my own research that I like a website that is less about helping with putting the website together and more about strong features that are inexpensive for the premium edition. Anyhow, thank you for reading my review on and

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