My Advice for College Freshmen

First of all you must have an open mind about everything you may see and hear as a student. Since a lot of freshmen at OUC are unconventional they have life experience under their belt, but even that doesn't completely prepare one for life as a college freshman. You also have to learn how to be self-reliant on a lot of fronts and not rely on the fact that your advisor will hold your hand through the whole process, now yes the advisor will help with the initial process of registering for classes, explaining the DARs and that sort of thing, but it's up to you to understand and comprehend terms like DARs and also comprehending what the DARs does for you in regards to the major you've chosen or choose in the future. It also helps to explain what classes you'll need for each major offered at Ohio University.

That's all the initial shock of a freshman's first semester at OU or OUC for me, once the freshman has the first semester under their belt, then there's selecting a major within the first few semesters at the latest their sophomore year to determine what core classes they'll need to take and also being able to navigate on the course offerings page, making decisions to take courses away from their home campus if they're going to a branch campus.

On a side note, here is a slideshow of all of my best friends for you all to look at and make you feel better about college life, since come on, who can be upset seeing these cute little guys?

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The freshman will also have to realize which courses they're eligible to take and managing what days they will be available to attend classes, or they can go the online courses route, but those I don't recommend to freshman because they are a lot more work involved, but it does eliminate the need to use up gas money for their education, but the freshman must also have the discipline necessary to handle the workload of the online courses and do the work in the allotted time which I still have problems with and I'm a Senior so that's also a hurdle in taking online courses.

I hope this doesn't scare freshman coming in because this school is also full of people that really do care about the students and helping them get the best out of their college experience. The advisors will help to guide the freshman through all of these tough decisions and terminologies that make some things difficult to understand like the DARs for example in addition to navigating the peoplesoft aspect of the information portal. Also notice that I barely mentioned classes specifically because once the freshman is situated with all of the other things involved, classes aren't too difficult as long as the student is prepared to work at it, ask questions, talk to the professors after class if they just don't understand something. The professors are there to help with any problems associated with the classwork itself.

And there you have it, that's pretty much my whole freshman year summed up in a few paragraphs, overall as a freshman what helped me immensely was keeping an open mind, asking a multitude of questions for problems I had and just doing the work in and out of class. I really enjoyed my freshman year and the years that proceeded it. I wish the new freshman the best of luck and hope they graduate with a degree they can feel proud of and satisfied with.

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