What I did last Summer!

Last summer I got quite a bit accomplished. I was able to go home to upstate NY and visit. I made progress in one my hopes of having a successful DJ business. I had the pleasure of seeing a lot of family and friends as well as meeting great new people along the way.

Going home to visit in the Finger Lakes is always a great time. In addition to my life long friends and family there are numerous state parks in the area I like to frequent. One of these parks is named Taughannock Park which is home to a 200 plus foot waterfall. There are awesome views along the mile or so gorge trail leading up to it. If you are ever in the area I advise a visit.

Unfortunately I did not get to do all that I hoped this summer. I still had to work my normal full time job which puts a damper on too much fun. I did, however, make to Kings Island for my birthday which was a good time. All in all it was good break from classes and look forward to some of the same and some new adventures next year.

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