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My name is Christopher Kerns and I am a third year transfer majoring in Computer Science. I started my college career long ago and finally decided to come back one year ago. I originally started as a Liberal Arts major but after some consideration and time away decided to change my focus.

My hobbies include running, deejaying, and lately I have participated in two Tough Mudder events. I find running to be a great way to stay in shape as well as good way to reduce stress. Finding and listening to good music has always been an interest of mine so playing out as a DJ is always a blast. After I started running a couple years ago I decided to challenge myself more so I began training for a tough mudder event. After completing the first one I decided to put myself through the torture of a second. I am currently signed up to participate in a third this November.

I am currently employed at Best Buy where I work in the Geek Squad. I am an in house agent who repairs computers. I mostly remove viruses and install hardware like memory, hard drives, and power supplies. I have no previous knowledge about building websites or coding so I am very excited to learn those components in this class.

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