Audio interview with Rádio CBN (Brazil) on February 2, 2009:

Obama’s challenges with respect to US environmental policy (in Portuguese).


Curriculum Vitae




Research Interests


Environmental economics; growth, development and the environment; energy; climate


Selected Publications


Chimeli, A.B., Boyd, R. and Adams, D. "International timber markets and tropical deforestation: The evidence from prices". Applied Economics (accepted). Working paper version (additional information on data).


Chimeli, A.B. and Boyd, R. (2010) "Prohibition and the supply of Brazilian mahogany". Land Economics, Vol. 86, Issue 1.


Sharabaroff, A., Boyd, R. and Chimeli, A.B. (2009) “The environmental and efficiency effects of restructuring on the electric power sector in the United States: An empirical analysis”.  Energy Policy Vol. 37, Issue 11.

Chimeli, A.B. and Braden, J.B. (2009) "A Capital Scarcity Theory of the Environmental Kuznets Curve". Environment and Development Economics, Vol. 14, Issue 5.

Chimeli, A.B, Souza-Filho, F.A., Holanda, M.C., Petterini, F.C. (2008) "Forecasting the Impact of Climate Variability: Lessons from the Rainfed Corn Market in Ceará, Brazil". Environment and Development Economics, Vol. 13, Issue 2, pp. 201-227. (Easier to interpret color versions of figure 3 and figure 4).

Chimeli, A.B. (2007) "Growth and the Environment: Are We Looking at the Right Data?" Economics Letters, Vol. 96, Issue 1, pp. 89-96.

Chimeli, A.B., and Braden, J.B. (2005) "Total Factor Productivity and the Environmental Kuznets Curve". Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Vol. 49, Issue 2, pp. 366-380.

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Work in Progress


The use of violence in illegal markets: Evidence from mahogany trade in the Brazilian Amazon. (With Rodrigo Soares).


Renewable wind energy in Appalachia. (With Carole Womeldorf and Daniel Bratton).

"Brazilian ethanol, food prices and deforestation" (with Maíra Savernini).


Chimeli, A.B. and Pfaff, A. "Economic Mechanisms for Water Management. International Lessons and Opportunities: The Case of Ceará, Brazil".





Econ 603A – Advanced microeconomics (graduate)



Econ 313 - Economics of the environment (undergraduate)



Econ 513 - Economics of the environment (graduate)



Econ 335/535 - Economics of energy (undergraduate/graduate)



Econ 303/503 - Intermediate microeconomics (undergraduate/graduate)



Econ 103 - Principles of microeconomics (undergraduate)