O hio  U niversity's  Z ebra M ussel  C ontrol  A pparatus


Derived from the projects funded by the National/Ohio Sea Grant Programs, US Army Corps of Engineers, and Lake Erie Protection Funds, respectively.

Zebra Mussel Control Apparatus
  Zebra mussel control apparatus picture
    Follow the above link to see a picture of the zebra mussel control apparatus,
    installed at the Avon Lake, Ohio, Water Filtration Plant. The plant draws water
    from Lake Erie, a body of water that has been profoundly effected by mussels.
    The apparatus was first installed in July, 1996, and is currently being improved
    via additional controls and safety features.

  Prof. Tiao J. Chang's home page
    Dr. Terry Chang developed the zebra mussel control apparatus. He has been awarded three US patents for the device and continues to direct its development.
    Dr. Chang's other research interests include stochastic hydrology and use of GIS in drought forecasting and water resources management.

  Tim Bartrand's home page
    Tim is a graduate student at Ohio University. He runs the apparatus and is developing a model for oxygen removal in the device. Tim is a co-inventor of one of the three Ohio University’s zebra mussel control patents.


  Jim McKnight
    Jim is a technician for engineering and technology at Ohio University and has fabricated most of the apparatus' parts as well as provided many suggestions for improvement. When not working at Ohio University Jim runs a farm in Nelsonville Ohio.


  Mark Hoover's home page
    Mark is an OU graduate student. He did some of the early testing of the ZM control apparatus and finished his researching water quality conditions in Lake Erie and the conditions under which zebra mussels grow.

O hio  U niversity's  Z ebra 
M ussel  H abitat  A nalysis

Where on Lake Erie are conditions most favorable to zebra mussel growth? Mark Hoover, under the direction of Dr. Chang, has used water quality data and a geographic information system to identify regions most hospitable to zebra mussel growth. Watch for changes in the above map of Lake Erie as the research progresses.

Z ebra M ussel  L inks

•  Great Lakes Information Network Zebra Mussel Page    

A short description of the zebra mussel's checkered history in the great lakes and a number of links. The Great Lakes Information Network serves a cooperative group of government and private agencies and organizations.

•  The Ohio Sea Grant Program Zebra Mussel Page
    A complete history of zebra mussels in the great lakes region, their control, the extent of their inundation of the region and a listing of the conditions under which they thrive. The Seagrants program funds university work on great lakes problems, including the funding of Ohio University's zebra mussel control research.


For more information, e-mail Dr. T Chang at tjchang@bobcat.ent.ohiou.edu

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