Types of river travel for fun

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Canoes is one of the most basic forms of river travel. It dates hundredths of years ago when Native Americans used them for travel and hunting. It did not become used for sport and recreation till Scottish explorer John MacGregor introduced it to Northern Europe. Canoes can be simple, carved out of wood, to the complex, made from fiberglass and carbon fiber. They can seat from one to four people depending on style. Paddlers use a single sided canoe paddle and alternate sides to keep it straight.

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Kayaks are not to be confused with canoes. They are enclosed to prevent water from entering and keeping the kayak and passenger dry. Paddlers use a double side canoe paddle to steer and are positioned in the middle of the kayak. Kayaks where used by the indigenous Inuit people in the Artic for hunting. The first kayak where made with stretched seal hide and whale bones. Now and days are made from plastic or fiber glass.

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