Comparison of three of Fairfields competing Internet service providers (ISP).

In my research I found a wide variety of competing ISP's for Fairfield county. Three of the biggest Internet service providers where Time Warner, Verizon, and At"&"t. I dug a little into each one to see what their customer service, pricing, and reliability were like.

First I sought after Verizon to see that they offer wireless high speed Internet and FiOS Internet. The high speed Internet ranges from 0.5mbps download-1mbps upload speed to 7.1mbps download - 15mbps upload. The pricing for these speeds ranges from $24.99 to $39.99. The FiOS is fiber optic wiring internet which is more reliable and faster. It's speeds range from 15mbps download-5mbps upload to as fast as 150mbps/35mbps! It is of course more expense ranging from $49.99 to $200 a month. Next, I took a look at At"&"t to see they offer. They offer DSL, dial-up, and wireless. Wireless comes to Basic, 768kbps, for $14.95 to Elite, 6mbps, for $19.95. Lastly I did Time Warner, which uses road runner. It is coaxial cable based DSL. Their speed ranges from Lite, 768kbps download-128kps upload, to Wideband, 50mbps/5mbps. I could not find a good site with prices for road runner, but I do know they can go from around $20 to $100, depending on the plan.

Next I look at reliability and customer service of all three. I am going to more or less speak on personal experience, because I have had all three and dealt with their customer service on more than one occasion. Verizon's customer service is real well rounded. It does not take forever to get a hold of a person and they are quit good on make sure the get the problem, whatever it is, corrected. I didn't really have a problem with their service besides their high speed internet was too slow and they do not offer the fiOS in my county. At"&"t's service is just horrible. It takes too long, sometimes an hour, to get a hold of a real person to discuss your problem with. They outsource their customer service to out of country business, which know little about technical issue, and give you the run around. Time Warner also has great customer service equal to Verizon's, but their service can be unreliable at times. Many times I have my Internet speed drop or slow to a crawl.

The first couple of facts based directly of their websites. The last paragraph is just my personal opinion and is no way meant to persuade you from one provider to another.

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