About Me:

My name is Corey Hurst. I am currently a student at Ohio University,
Lancaster campus.I am going full time for Computer Technology and Science.
I also work combined full time at two jobs. I work at OUL as a lab assitant
and also at Preimere Video as a cashier. I plan on acquiring a full time job
in the computer technology field when I graduate.


I don't have a lot of free time we schooling and two jobs, but I do occasionlly
do have my free time to do the stuff I enjoy. In the summer; I enjoy canoeing,
fishing, swimming, and hicking. On my slow days; I enjoy playing video games,
movies, and going out to eat at a nice resturant.


I haven't decided what excatly what to do with my degree, but enjoy learning
and practicing with everything that has to do with a computer. I know not
specialisting in a certain field can have it's down fall, but it also allows
me to stay open to anything that comes my way. I enjoy both the business side and
the creative side of technolgy. I know whatever I decide to do with my degree
after I graduate, that I will enjoy it and put my very being into it.

Here is the links to my work sites:
Premiere Video
Ohio University

Here is the links to my homework pages:

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