Activities I Enjoy

Hunting with my boys

Each night, I try to take time out to see my boys, two beagles, Lightning and Thunder. The father is lightning and his son is thunder. Last year was the first year that both were old enough to be effective hunting rabbits. I wasn't able to enjoy them as I deployed to Afghanistan as the season began. This has brought a new sense of excitement this fall as rabbit season nears and my boys keep getting better and better.

My Daughter

Another activity that I enjoy is watching my daughter develop in her first year of Cross Country. I began running at her age and look forward to seeing her peak in her performance over the next few weeks as this season comes to a close.

Not all activities are active

Often times I just enjoy being at home with my family. After my deployment I have found new enjoyment in being home. Sometimes the most enjoyable activities don't involve any activity at all.

My favorite activity

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