Welcome to my web page, my name is Chris Cullumber and hopefully I can continue redecorating this page so it looks better and until then enjoy what I have available.

I recently turned 20 and I am obviously aiming for a CTCH major

My hobbies and interests include video and computer games recently LoL and Borderlands 2, which I may use pictures from it to decorate this, and I love watching movies and etc. especially Netflix that I have at home.

Here is one of my favorite sites full of informative/hilarious articles and/or images, enjoy. Cracked: America's Only Humor Site

This is my email for OUL. Please Don't Spam.

Here is a list of ISPs and their services here

And here is a page of one of my favorite games now entitled "Borderlands 2."

And here is my lovely little hotspot homework page. here

This is my books i enjoy.

One of my favorite places.

Final Project.

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