Playing video games is a huge interest of mine! I'm actually pursuing it as a long term job when I finish up my schooling here. I can sit and play video games, especially The Legend of Zelda, for hours at end. I enjoy seeing all the different temples in the game and all the differnet scenery the creator has created, along with the different chararcters they make. I've loved that series of game ever since I could pick up a Nintendo 64 controller and as I got older it never got old to make the main chararcter run through the open fields, then defeat the boss battles. My father was the one who introduced me to the Nintendo system and the game. If it wasnt for him, I wouldn't love to play video games and I wouldn't deffintly be in this class at this moment. We both, along with my brother, share the passion for video games. But, I think I got the bigger passion than both of them. Espically, like I said before, when it comes to Zelda I'm the nerd of that series.
The Legend of Zelda, to me, is an absolte beautiful game. I don't care if it's the first one in all 8-bit and only slide screen, i'll sit and play it, enjoying the story line. I'm such a huge fan i've got t-shirts, tattoos, and various items from the game (Ocarina). The music from the game can be soothing when its Orchestrated, it being the same way with "scary" music.
But in a nutshell, i'm a fan of Zelda and the Nintendo company. I'd love to go and visit the company and meet the creater of Zelda, Mario, and other series.

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