My favorite place is Del Mar in San Diego, California. My aunt and uncle live there in a tiny little condo about three minutes away from the beach. We usually visit them about two or three times a year. I always am so relaxed while I'm there. It is completely the opposite of what it is like to live in Los Angeles, which is where my other aunt and uncle live. It is also so gorgeous there! The tropical flowers, palm trees, and the ocean, surrounding the area make for such beautiful photographs. I hope that one day I can call Del Mar my home.

There is so much to do there! I never feel like I get to experience San Diego to the full extent while I am visiting because we have to split our time in California up between different family members. If it were up to me, I would stay in San Diego the whole time. There are so many amazing restaurants and different things to do. I usually spend most of my time at the beach or at the San Diego Zoo. My favorite bead store is also there. I cannot wait until we get to again. The next time we make a the trip, I will also be looking for a job. Hopefully I can find one in beautiful San Diego, California.

My mom and I at our favorite restaurant in Del Mar Del Mar Beach

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